Skip to content reviews reviews. The Battle Vision Storm glasses are similar to regular sunglasses, but they also work well in low light conditions. These glasses are designed to shield your eyes from harmful blue light, both during the day when driving and at night when using your headlights. Each pair has a blue frame and yellow lenses to accommodate wearers of varying ages. Each purchase includes two pairs of these improved sunglasses. reviews reviews

Blue rays from the sun can virtually blind you when driving during the day, especially in adverse weather conditions. When driving under such illumination, it’s easy to miss vital road signs and the preceding traffic lines. While there is no such thing as blue sunlight at night, the headlights of passing vehicles can have the same dazzling effect. However, when you put on your Battle Vision Storm glasses, they will prevent these blue rays from reaching your eyes, allowing you to see clearly and securely around any potential roadblocks.

For Both Sexes

One size fits the vast majority of adults, therefore these eyeglasses are intended for use by both sexes after they reach adulthood. If a child’s head is relatively the same size as an adult’s, they may be able to wear these sunglasses while traveling and otherwise. Their gender-neutral design has a blue and yellow color palette.

Sporty Appearance

The Battle Vision Storm sunglasses have a sporty design that makes them perfect for use in the great outdoors. You could put them on before going on a jog or playing tennis in the summer, and you could wear them skiing or ice skating in the winter. You can use them year-round, regardless of the season, to maintain your visibility in adverse weather situations like rain, fog, or snow. reviews reviews