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babyliss curl secret reviews

My hair is very long and thick, so curling it takes a lot of time and energy, and by the time I’m done, the curls I just did are already falling out. The BaByliss Curl Secret, available from Argos for the low, low price of 119.99 GBP, seemed to be the answer to my hair curling prayers.

A revolutionary handheld device, the BaByliss Curl Secret uses groundbreaking auto curl technology to produce beautiful, long-lasting curls. Hair is drawn in automatically, held gently, and heated gently from all directions in the ceramic curl chamber, and then released with the perfect curl.

The BaByliss Curl Secret is an eye-catching purple color with a generous helping of multicolored glitter that gives off a brilliant sheen. Included in the package are a heatproof mat (a brilliant addition) and a plush velvet drawstring bag for storing your Curl Secret between uses.

Knowing that the BaByliss Curl Secret is a more high-end hair tool, I appreciate that it comes with a velvet bag and heatproof mat, both of which are extremely useful. This is especially true if you plan on taking the Curl Secret with you on the road, as the mat will prevent the power cord from becoming tangled.


The BaByliss Curl Secret has two timers, one on the handle and one on the base. The temperature control switch has two positions and is located next to the red power light. Hair that is fine, colored, or delicate is best styled at a low temperature. II maximum heat is recommended for average to thick hair.

There are three timer options selectable via the time switch, each of which is accompanied by a distinct beep. The type of curl produced will be affected differently by each of the three time settings. Loose waves can be achieved with the 8-second setting (followed by three beeps), while soft curls can be achieved with the 10-second setting (followed by four beeps), and more defined curls can be achieved with the 12-second setting (followed by five beeps).