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armorlite jeep flooring reviews

armorlite jeep flooring reviews. When you own a Jeep, taking the hardtop off or laying the soft top as flat as possible is an inevitability. When that occurs, the weather will eventually catch you off guard.

armorlite jeep flooring reviews
armorlite jeep flooring reviews

My personal experience suggests as much, at least. Indeed, I am confident that I am not alone.

A beautiful afternoon can quickly turn into a downpour that sneaks up on you without any warning. All of a sudden, the Jeep’s carpet is soaked through with water and who knows what else. The interesting smell of mildew mixed with sadness and top off regret develops and fills your interior if you are unable to dry out the flooring in a reasonable amount of time.

How often have you gotten out of your jeep, walked a few feet, and then stepped right back into your jeep, bringing all the dirt and grime with you?

Oversplash will occur on carpets regardless of how well your floor mats absorb liquid. Always.

Armorlite is a flooring system that I found to be the answer.

Armorlite’s three-layer structural design is ideal for shielding my feet from the mud, rocks, sand, and salt that I inevitably track in on the bottoms of my shoes.

The outer layer is made from thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), which can be easily shaped to fit your Jeep’s cabin. It has a textured, ridged finish that provides a secure grip in most weather. In addition to their aesthetic value, these ridges serve a functional purpose by directing water toward the drain plugs embedded within the product. Any significant amounts of water or mud can be quickly and easily removed. A quick mop with some soap and water will have the floor looking like new in no time.

One weekend a month, rain or shine, I go off-roading. Mud created from years of anthracite coal dust stains everything it comes in contact with in Pennsylvania’s coal regions. The situation often becomes chaotic. With the Armorlite system in place, I know that each time I enter and exit my Jeep, I will do so safely and without soiling the interior.

It’s best to take your time and not rush through the installation process the first time around. For me, assisting a friend with the installation of his Armorlite kit before attempting my own was a great learning experience, and I used what I learned to successfully install my own system.

Armorlite’s sleek integration into the Jeep’s cabin is one of its best features. However, this same quality may present some challenges during the actual process of installation. Strong hands and perseverance are needed to position the flooring accurately under the seats and around the trim. Before beginning my installation, I started by dismantling the seat and loosening all of the bolts holding it in place. Incorporating these tweaks into the installation process made it feel simpler and quicker. Armorlite’s JL and JT installation videos show how to take apart the vehicle, down to the last bolt and trim piece.

The Armorlite system’s heat protection is a great added bonus. I didn’t anticipate experiencing any noticeable change. Normally, the warmth would rise from the floor, permeating the carpet and the mats. Even on the hottest summer days of hiking, my feet, especially my right foot which was closest to the transmission wall in the floorboard, stayed cool.

armorlite jeep flooring reviews
armorlite jeep flooring reviews