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armitron watch how to set time

armitron watch how to set time. Many of Armitron’s watches are excellent for monitoring progress toward goals, recording interval times, etc. However, these are not “smart watches,” so they cannot automatically adjust the time.

armitron watch how to set time
armitron watch how to set time

You’ll need to manually adjust the time on your watch when you first get it. You’ll need to know how to adjust the time on your Armitron watch when daylight saving time ends or if your travels take you to a different time zone.

The Mode button on an Armitron watch is typically located on the right side of the case. Simply pressing the mode button will switch the currently flashing area of the screen. In this way, adjusting the time, date, and other relevant details is a breeze. In order to modify a specific value, you must repeatedly press the Mode button.

You’ll find the Armitron watch’s St/Stp button on the right side of the case. To enter a new value, simply keep pressing the button until you get the desired result. If you need to go back in time to an earlier time or day, simply keep pressing the button.

First, you need to press the Reset button on your watch until you hear a beep.

The watch can be reset by holding down the Reset button for an extended period of time until the beep sounds.

Two, hit the Mode button to modify the parameters.

Find the Mode button on your Armitron watch and press it. The flashing timepiece on your screen will be adjusted. Here you can toggle between setting the time, the date, the hour, and the minute. Continue pressing the Mode button until you reach the desired setting.

Third, bring up the total by pressing the St/Stp key.

Find your Armitron digital watch’s St/Stp button. To make a numeric adjustment, please press the button there.

Fourth, when you’re finished, click the Reset button in the upper left.

When you’ve finished making the necessary adjustments, click the Reset button to permanently store your new settings.

armitron watch how to set time
armitron watch how to set time