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armitron watch how to change time

The four primary buttons on the Armitron WR165 watch are labeled A (upper left), B (lower left), C (upper right), and D (lower right). The time will flash if you press and hold B. If the time is wrong, press C to change it. To proceed with setting the date, press B after each repetition. If you want to modify just one piece of data, you’ll need to repeatedly press B to advance through the available data in the prescribed order. Time is displayed in the following order: seconds, minutes, hours, days of the month, and days of the week. Press B once more to exit and return to the home screen.

To change between the American and European calendars, press and hold the Adjust button, then press and release the Mode button to confirm your choice.

You can reset the seconds using the Alarm button, then switch to the minutes using the Adjust button. Keep holding the Alarm button down until the minutes are at the right setting. To set an alarm for a specific time of day, press Adjust to access the hours menu, and then select the time of day from the Alarm menu.

After you’ve set the time, date, and alarm, you can adjust the Armitron Pro Sport watch to your liking by pressing the Alarm and Adjust buttons. To save your changes, press the Mode button.

To access the calendar function at any time, simply press and hold the Adjust button on your Armitron Pro Sport watch. Once you let go of the button, the time will be displayed again. The Mode button activates the chronometer, another useful feature of the watch. The chronometer can be started and stopped with the Adjust button, and it can be reset to zero with the Alarm button. You can get back to the time by pressing the Mode button again.