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A bacoraom review

A bacoraom review: How does whitening toothpaste work? It targets the enamel (the outer layer of the tooth that protects the sensitive under-layers), employing a combination of methods to maximize the whitening effects.

A bacoraom review
A bacoraom review

Optical: This method uses blue-toned brighteners, which coat your teeth as you sweep. once you see the claim ‘instant whiteness’ or ‘instant brightness’, it’s always this method that gives that immediate difference. it is also the rationale why whitening toothpaste may produce a blue-colored foam when brushing.


Also referred to as abrasives or polishing, these work by using small scrubbing agents, like activated carbon or silica, to get rid of bacterial plaque and stains from teeth. Do remember that sometimes, prolonged use can affect enamel resulting in sensitivity.

A bacoraom review
A bacoraom review

Enzyme-action: Usually derived from fruit, this method claims to break down proteins on the teeth which have been linked to teeth staining.


This works by employing a chemical, either peroxide or carbamide peroxide, to whiten teeth. It helps bleach and lightens stains on the enamel of teeth to form them appear whiter.

Is whitening toothpaste safe?

Yes. As it’s classed as a cosmetic product it must adhere to strict EU regulations and safety guidelines. Those who have sensitive teeth might need to proceed with caution because the abrasive nature of whitening toothpaste could cause further sensitivity and damage the enamel. Peroxides also can cause teeth and gums to become sensitive.

A bacoraom review
A bacoraom review

How did the GHI test whitening toothpaste?

Our panel of 278 testers brushed and rinsed their way through 13 brands of whitening toothpaste for an eight-week period. They assessed results like whitening effects, stain removal and prevention, and whether the toothpaste increased any sensitivity in their teeth or gums. Furthermore, testers had pictures of their teeth crazy our VISIA image analysis machine. We used a whiteness scale to analyze the pictures before and after the trial to assess for changes.

Here’s our pick of the best:


  • Pearl Drops Strong Polished White Toothpaste 75ml
  • £4.67
  • Score: 79/100
A bacoraom review
A bacoraom review

Claiming to go away the teeth up to four shades whiter in three weeks, this toothpaste is formulated to be “low abrasion”. The brand says it strengthens the enamel and prevents cavities too. Coming top in our lab test, it didn’t cause any increased teeth sensitivity with our testers. Leaving the mouth feeling clean and fresh after rinsing, some testers compared it to a visit to their hygienist.