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1212 Gateway Skincare Review

1212 Gateway Skincare Review

1212 Gateway Skincare Review; At 1212 Gateway, the typical skincare brand is far from reachable. Our aim is to give customers the required energy to change their relationship with their skin through quality products and science-based educational experiences. The outcome? The goods you use to make a difference on more than the surface. A lifelong link to one’s best self.

1212 Gateway Skincare Review

After receiving complaints from fans over their orders from Catherine McBroom’s skincare brand, 1212 Gateway, the ACE family took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the actress.

In order to complement their other endeavors, the ACE Family has created its own beverages brand, Silly Juice, as a result of its large internet following (which includes 19 million YouTube subscribers).

However, the family is not frightened of a little controversy on their hands. According to rumors, Austin Mcbroom has a hidden daughter, and he has also been accused of rape. Additionally, both Catherine and Austin have been accused of defrauding followers through the family’s $50-per-month millionaire scheme, which they deny.

A fight broke out between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall during a press conference recently, while the two were preparing for the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, in which they would compete against each other.

Nevertheless, a number of recent internet complaints regarding Cathrine’s skincare brand 1212 Gateway have prompted further worries about suspected fraud on Cathrine’s behalf.

When Catherine posted an Instagram photo of herself holding one of the brand’s items to promote a deal on Mother’s Day, the shot was received with a deluge of negative comments and dissatisfied customers.

1212 Gateway Skincare Review

When contacted by the company, several consumers said that their products were broken or damaged when they received them and that they were either ignored or received very little reimbursement as a consequence of their efforts.

“Their solution to my faulty $100 order was to provide me a $20 gift card,” a customer named nairobireign wrote on the website. “Remember to put your money in the bank, ya’ll.”

According to another consumer, “Catherine’s complete skincare line is a scam, as well.” When it comes to consumers who have gotten faulty products or who have not received their purchases, why aren’t you replying, despite the fact that you are a ‘BUSINESS’ and so have no obligation towards your customers, also known as your subscribers? The only reason you had food on your plate was that they f**king trusted you and paid you.

The products were unwrapped in a TikTok video recorded by one of the users, who later discovered that one of them had a huge black hair on the bottle and that the other products were dirty with markings all over the package.

On June 12, Live x Live’s Battle of the Platforms, also known as YouTube vs TikTok, pitted the “titans of social media” against one another for the first time in a ring setting. After a wild evening that included knockouts, surprise victories, and heated ties, Team YouTube emerged victors. They took home five victories to Team TikTok’s lone win.

When Austin McBroom emerged triumphant from his three-round battle with Bryce Hall, it appeared that he was anxious to get back into the ring for another bout.

Skincare Review

In the end, Team YouTube won 5-1, with FaZe Clan’s Jarvis claiming the sole knockout of the night, against Michael Le, in the process.

Team YouTube has been declared the winner. The boxing match between YouTube and TikTok ended in a 5-1 victory for YouTube, with one draw.
With a technical knockout, McBroom defeats Bryce and promises that he will return to the ring in future matches with him.
According to Tanner Fox, the fight between him and Ryland Storms has been postponed – “I’m still going to pound his a$$, just not today.”
Following his loss against Jake Paul, Gib has promised a rematch with Tayler Holder, following a startling majority draw in their first encounter.
FaZe Jarvis scores the lone total knockout of the evening after he defeats Michael Le in the first round.

Whenever it rains, it pours, and Catherine Paiz McBroom is no exception to the rule that she will be held accountable for her acts if they occur. After only a few days, rumors of possible litigation against Austin McBroom and his company, as well as reports of an impending eviction, began to circulate across the internet.

The packaging and other product-related difficulties associated with Catherine McBroom’s skincare brand “1212 Gateway” have prompted several customers of the company to take to Twitter to express their unhappiness with the brand.

Catherine Paiz’s 1212 Gateway cosmetics collection is distinguished by the fact that it is cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and made entirely of organic products. Products such as face cleansers and nightly face masks, as well as facial moisturizers and eye lotions, are among those she sells.


One Twitter user expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s items, claiming that they took two months to create and ship and that the crate was empty when it came. The products, according to another client, were excellent, but the presentation was inadequate.

In addition to uploading images of their skincare products, both individuals made direct mention of Catherine Paiz in their posts.

Unfortunately, the story did not come to a close there. 1212 Gateway’s Instagram page started receiving comments from customers who were having trouble with the items they had purchased from the company in the first place.

Our aim is to enhance skin quality with luxury products without cruelties made from ingredients of ethical origin. It was never easier to bring the best skin forward.

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1212 Gateway Skincare Review